Thursday, March 20, 2014

I am currently working on a commission by Father Thomas Reeves, a Carmelite. It is of the 5 Carmelite Martyrs of 1936 who served in the Mission of Santa Cruz in Tucson Arizona, before being sent back to Spain where they were killed by the Marxist Party in 1936. 

This was a particularly challenging work because of its size and detail.  Many things  having a particular meaning are included in the painting. ( It is 48x60, Oil) The scene is supposed to be taking place in Spain,where  they  are receiving the Palm of Martyrdom from Our Lady of Carmel and Baby Jesus (The Idea of the Image is from various richly decorated  Spanish statues of this Madonna.)
The Sky is red from the War, Blood and Tribulation in Spain, where many Religious were persecuted and killed in the 1930s.  A burst of Heaven above, with St John of the Cross and St Teresa of Avila await the Martyrs. The Mission in Arizona is shown to the left.    

This is an original concept. The only photos used were the faces of the Martyrs (Blessed Brother Angel, Blessed Father Edurado, Blessed Father Pedro (receiving the Palm from the Madonna), Blessed Father Lucas and Blessed Father Vincente.  All 5 Priests were beatified in Spain last October. Beatification is a step before Sainthood. When finished, the painting will hang in the room behind the main alter where the Priests dress before Mass.

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